FOTO: Kral Çıplak/Facebook

Shocking footage: Police rescue lifeless puppy stranded on a chunk of ice

As a puppy lay lifeless on a chunk of ice, stranded on freezing cold waters, a brave police diver risked his life to save the poor creature.

Footage has been released of the police in the Turkish city of Van who were alerted to the lake where the sweet pup was stranded.

Facebook/Kral Çıplak
The local officers got the call to the icy lake and rushed out in the hopes that the poor pup was still alive.

The puppy had been separated from land while on the ice and couldn’t get back. As he floated further out, hypothermia set in and he could do nothing but collapse.

‘I barely made it’

In the clip below, which immediately went viral, we see police officer Burak Okten braving icy waters to swim out to the dog.

He then pulls the dog into his arms and using only one arm swims back to the shore.

“It was the final moments, I barely made it. It’s good we rescued [her],” the officer said, according to the BBC .

Officers on the shore administered CPR and wrapped the freezing dog in a blanket.

Watch this animal hero in action in the video below.

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Officer adopts the dog

She was taken to the nearest animal hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.

“We had very little hope when she came up from the water, I didn’t think she would survive. The lake was frozen, it was difficult to reach the dog. It was hard to swim but it was worth it, I’m glad I managed to save the puppy,” Burak said, according to the  BBC .

Kral Çıplak/Facebook
But the happy story doesn’t end there. Burak adopted the dog and gave her the very appropriate name “Buz” which means ice in Turkish.

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