Police officers rescue dog left locked in dangerously hot U-Haul while owners at the beach

As summer approaches and temperatures rise, it’s as important as ever to protect our pets from the hot weather, as they are very susceptible to heat stroke.

Hundreds of dogs are left in hot vehicles every year, and tragically many die. But others are rescued in time, thanks to the quick actions of police officers.

That was the case recently, as officers freed a dog who was left in an overheating U-Haul in Florida… while his owners were at the beach 🤬😮

On June 2, the New Smyrna Beach Police Department, in Florida, received a call about a dog who had been left in a U-Haul truck for nearly an hour.


According to the department, the temperature at the time was 86 degrees, and it was no doubt even hotter inside the vehicle, reaching temperatures above 100 degrees.

The vehicle wasn’t parked in the shade, and the owners left no water for the dog. They only cracked the windows slightly. Worst of all, the owners had reportedly left the vehicle to go to the beach, leaving their poor dog to suffer in the heat.

Bodycam footage shows the responding officers providing the dog with some much-needed water through the window crack, which he eagerly accepts:

According to the department, the dog was soon safely removed from the vehicle and transported to the Southeast Volusia Humane Society. Charging affidavits were also sent to the State Attorney’s Office for the dog’s two owners.

“Never leave an animal or a child alone inside a vehicle, even for a short period,” the New Smyrna Beach Police Department wrote. “It could be deadly. Thank you to the vigilant person who noticed the dog in the car and reported it so we could help.”

It should be common knowledge to not leave a dog in a hot car, but sadly there are still many cases like this every year, including fatalities. According to PETA, 163 animals died from hot car deaths in 2023, while another 855 were rescued.

According to the ASPCA, leaving a dog in a closed car is very dangerous even if you crack the window or park in the shade. Temperatures rise fast, and can climb from 85 degrees to 120 degrees within a half hour.

While no one should ever leave their dog in a hot car, it feels even worse when owners leave their dogs locked up just so they can go enjoy themselves, like in this case and a recent case in which puppies were left in a hot car while their owner dined at Disney Springs, resulting in one of their deaths.

It’s heartbreaking that this dog was left in a hot U-Haul on this scorching summer day, but we’re glad he was saved in time and his owners are facing the consequences.

Thank you to the vigilant bystanders and responding police officers for taking swift action to save this dog’s life!

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