Police led on 109 mph car chase only to find dog sitting in driver's seat

Police led on 109 mph car chase only to find dog sitting in driver’s seat

I’m sure there isn’t a lot that shocks a police officer, they come face to face with the most troubled human beings every day, often risking their own lives in doing so.

But when traffic police stopped one car which was speeding and went to speak to the driver, they couldn’t believe what they saw.

Washington Police were alerted to the car after it hit two other vehicles and failed to stop. When officers pursued the vehicle they were taken on a high-speed chase.

“He was driving very erratically. So erratically that multiple people called 911,” trooper Heather Axtman told CNN.

According to Axtman the suspect even drove onto a trail specifically for pedestrians and bicyclists.

A high-speed chase at 109 mph ensued in which one of the troopers managed to get a look inside the car and saw a pit bull sitting in the driver’s seat while the suspect steered, trooper Axtman told CNN.

When the suspect was eventually stopped, he told officers he was “trying to teach his dog how to drive,” CNN reports.

“I wish I could make this up,” Axtman said. “I’ve been a trooper for almost 12 years and wow, I’ve never heard this excuse. I’ve been in a lot of high-speed chases, I’ve stopped a lot of cars, and never have I gotten an excuse that they were teaching their dog how to drive.”

Officers charged the man with reckless endangerment, hit and run, driving under the influence and felony eluding. And his dog, described as a “very sweet girl,” was taken to the animal shelter.

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Posted by Washington State Patrol on Saturday, February 29, 2020

I’m so glad nobody was hurt during this unbelievable incident and thank you to the skilled officers who managed to stop him before he did any real damage.