Police dog who was stabbed five times gets a hero's welcome as he returns to duty

Police dog who was stabbed five times gets a hero’s welcome as he returns to duty

Police dogs are an invaluable part of any police department. Like their human counterparts, they serve their communities and keep people safe. They can even do things humans can’t, like tracking down missing people by scent or chasing down suspects.

But just like any other police officer, these dogs are putting their lives and safety on the line while on the job. A few months ago, one police dog was injured on the line of duty — but received a hero’s welcome back this week when he returned to the force.

Kaiser is a police dog with the Sutton Police, part of the London’s Metropolitan Police. According to the Daily Mail, Kaiser was on patrol with his handler Pc Mark Woolcott in June when they got a call about a home intruder in south London.

Arriving on the scene, Kaiser and his handler pursued the suspect. Kaiser took the intruder down — but sadly was attacked in return, being stabbed by the man in the head five times.

Facebook/Sutton Police

Even while being attacked, Kaiser kept holding onto the suspect, allowing police to take him into custody.

And luckily, Kaiser’s injuries weren’t as severe as they could’ve been. According to the Daily Mail, the knife struck bone, avoiding serious internal injuries. Superintendent Emma Richards of the Met’s Taskforce said the dog was “lucky to be alive.”

And the injuries didn’t hold Kaiser back from continuing his duty. Two months after the attack, Kaiser returned to the force this week — and got a hero’s welcome.

Kaiser returned to the Sutton Police on August 6, and was welcomed back by both Borough Commander Dave Stringer and the Mayor of Bromley.

As a welcome back gift, the mayor even presented Kaiser with a new toy.

“We are glad to see that Kaiser has made a full recovery and is [none] the worse for his ordeal,” the Mayor of Bromley wrote on Facebook.

The Sutton Police said that Kaiser was “absolutely delighted” by the gift.

It looks like this hero dog has made a full recovery and is eager to get back to work.

Welcome back to the force, Kaiser! It’s heartbreaking what happened to him in the line of duty, but we’re glad this hero dog got such a warm welcome when he came back to work.

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