Guide dog saves blind woman not once but twice in one night

Dogs can surprise us in so many different ways. For many of us dog owners they are both wonderful companions and guard dogs.

However, for one woman in North Philadelphia her dog proved to be a life saver after protecting her from not one but two potentially life-threatening situations.

Dogs are not just loved pets, they are smart enough to help us in many other situations, such as guide dogs. Many dogs help people with disabilities to cope with everyday life. One such person is Christina Colon, who is blind and relies on her guide dog Yolanda.


Woken up by her dog growling

Yolanda is always by Christina’s side, wherever she goes, even sleeping at the side of her bed at night. Usually she has no trouble sleeping. But one night she was woken up by her beloved protector growling by her bedside, turning a normal Friday night into something quite different.


Christina heard two male voices downstairs and realized she had intruders in her home. Her dog Yolanda had closed her owner’s bedroom door and rushed downstairs to chase the men out of the house.  But the danger was not over yet.

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The police arrived, but how?

Before the intruders left the house they had turned on the stove filling the house with gas.  Christina stumbled to her phone and called the police saying: “Please, I can’t breathe,” according to NBC.

But to her great surprise, the police were already at the door. How could this be?


It turned out that Christina had a phone, specially designed for people with service dogs. Yolanda realized her owner was in danger and pressed the emergency button, causing the police to rush to the house.

“For you maybe she’s a hero. But for me she’s an angel,” Christina tells NBC.

Thanks to Yolanda’s rapid action police have arrested and charged a man in connection with the incident.

Yolande is a real hero! Please share this story to pay tribute to her amazing actions in saving Christina’s life.

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