Police beg public for help after veteran’s service dog is stolen from his home

Police in Texas are begging for the public’s help after a local veteran’s service dog was stolen during a home burglary last month.

According to the Arlington Police Department, Emmanuel Bernadin’s home was broken into on October 19 and his dog, a 2-year-old mastiff named Rosalyn, was taken.

Not only is Rosalyn, otherwise known as Roz, Emmanuel’s companion, but she’s also his service animal and medical alert dog.

Bernadin spoke to Fox 4 News and said that though the thief took other things too, he’s only focused on getting his girl back.

“She’s the sweetest thing,” he said. “The days are just really hard without her.”

Lt. Chris Cook of the Arlington Police said there are no suspects or witnesses at this time, with authorities appealing for the public’s help in sourcing information.

Lt. Cook told Fox 4: “People don’t just steal dogs. It’s just not a common theme, so we’re kind of baffled as to who would think in their right mind, ‘We’re not only going to take your property, but we’re going to steal your dog.'”

Bernadin, who served in the Iraq War, was reportedly with a friend when his neighbor called him to warn him his sliding glass door was open.

When he got back to his home he noticed an assortment of jewellery and electronics were gone. So, sadly, was Roz.

“I deal with a lot of night terrors,” he explained to Fox 4. “It’s very hard to turn off the conditions of war, and Roz is there to wake me up at times when I shouldn’t be alone by myself asleep.”

Bernadin, who medically retired after his second tour of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, simply wants his loving companion back home safe.

Police are asking anyone who might know anything to contact the Arlington Police Department on 817-459-6482 or leave an anonymous tip with Tarrant County Crime Stoppers at 817-469-8477.

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