Police arrest man who chained pit bull to pole at beach, leaving him to almost drown

Police arrest man who chained pit bull to pole at beach, leaving him to almost drown

It’s always shocking to see the cruel ways people abandon their pets. So many dogs get left for dead, tied up by an owner who doesn’t care what happens to them.

Some dogs are even left in seriously dangerous situations, like one dog who was left chained up at the beach, exposed to the rising tides. Luckily, this dog was found before it was too late — and police have arrested as suspect.

According to a release from the Massachusetts State Police, a male pit bull mix named “Killer” was found tied to a pole on the shore of Short Beach in Revere, Massachusetts.


The poor dog was completely trapped, tied to a large beach rock by a heavy metal chain.

Any abandoned dog is a hard sight to handle, but Killer was in a particularly dire situation: police say that he was “at the mercy of the next high tide,” in serious danger of drowning.

“During certain parts of the day this portion of the beach is completely submerged, with the tide rising as high as street level, past the point where the dog was chained.” Massachusetts State Police said in a statement.

“The dog was at risk drowning in a couple of hours if he hadn’t been found.”

That as a real possibility, as Killer was left in a secluded part of the beach close to the waterline. But thankfully, he was found in time.

Witnesses found the dog and contacted the police. Trooper Carlo Mastromattei arrived on the scene, got Killer free and obtained information about the suspect.

Killer was brought to Ocean View Kennels, where he posed for a pic with the officer who saved him:

Police began an investigation into Killer’s former owner who left the dog for dead, and within days brought a suspect, Elias Pacheco-Osario, into custody.

An interview with police confirmed that he had brought the dog to the beach, chaining him to the pole before walking away.

Pacheco-Osario claims he was unable to keep Killer, because his landlord wanted him out and the dog was fighting with his cat. He also says his wife is pregnant and he made the decision because he was “overwhelmed.”

“I did it because my mind was overwhelmed and I didn’t know what to do,” he told NBC10 Boston. “I can’t deal with this anymore, I don’t know what to do so I sent emails, called the shelter. They didn’t answer to see if I can leave the dog there… and that’s why took my decision of leaving it there and I left it with food, and I know I did wrong.”

Whatever regrets Pacheco-Osario has, he still left the dog’s life in grave danger, and was placed under arrest for animal cruelty. A bail clerk set a $340 cash bail, and he is expected to be arraigned in court soon.

It’s terrible to think that Killer almost drowned if he wasn’t found in time. Thank you to the officers who saved his life just in time and brought this suspect to justice.

We hope things work out and Killer finds a better home soon. Share this story!