Pittie looks confused and heartbroken after being returned to shelter — now she’s looking for a new home

It’s the best day of any shelter dog’s life when they get adopted, but sadly sometimes it doesn’t work out and the dogs are returned yet again to the shelter.

That was the case for a sweet dog named Tic Tac, who was heartbroken after being returned shortly after being adopted — but now she’s looking for her forever home.

Tic Tac, a pocket pittie, is in the care of Voorhees Animal Orphanage in southern New Jersey. According to People, she was found as a stray. She’s described as a sweet and well-mannered girl with medium energy who enjoys daily walks and cuddling.

When Tic Tac was adopted from the shelter just three weeks after her arrival, it seemed like a happy ending for the sweet dog, and her carers were “thrilled” — but unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be.

Tic Tac didn’t get along with her new family’s other pet, and after a fight the owners returned her to Voorhees Animal Orphanage.

“I guess the last straw, so to speak, was at the very end of June, they got into a big fight,” the shelter’s marketing director Jennifer Bailey told People, adding that Tic Tac suffered scars from the fight. “I hate to say this, but in the owners’ minds, one of them had to go, so it was Tic Tac. So back she came.”

The shelter shared a heartbreaking photo of the dog: she looks devastated and confused to realize she’s back at the shelter.

“It’s always weird when an animal gets returned. They’re all excited because it’s familiar faces,” Bailey said. “”That’s the confusion that you see on her face… Initially, they’re excited until they realize, ‘Oh, no, I’m back here again.'”

But all hope is not lost for Tic Tac, who is back up for adoption, searching for a true forever home this time. Voorhees Animal Orphanage is recommending she be the only dog in the household. She can be in a home with older kids and would ideally love a home with a fence yard, though it’s not required.

Bailey said they have received a number of applications from people interested in adopting Tic Tac, and they will make sure to find her just the right home to avoid any further heartbreak.

“We’ll persevere until we find the right family for her,” Bailey said. “Paws crossed, she will hopefully be going home [soon].”

If you are interested in adopting Tic Tac, you can apply on the shelter’s website.

What a beautiful dog — we hope she finds her forever home soon! Please share this story to spread the word and help Tic Tac find the perfect home!


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