Pit bull recovering after being shot three times by unknown shooter

Pit bull recovering after being shot three times by unknown shooter

It’s impossible to imagine why anyone would shoot an innocent dog and leave it for dead, but that was the shocking case recently after a pit bull was shot three times in Manassas Park, Virginia.

While the shooter remains at large, thankfully the dog is alive and in recovery.

On April 26, the City of Manassas Park Police Department responded to a call about the shooting after witnesses heard six gunshots fired and found the pit bull, alive but bloody and bullet-ridden.

This morning the City of Manassas Park Police Department was called to a situation where a dog had been shot.They…

Posted by MedVet Northern Virginia on Monday, April 26, 2021

The shooter reportedly fled in a black SUV, and their identity is currently unknown. The dog reportedly watched as the driver pulled away.

“The dog, if anything, looked confused why the door closed on him,” a witness named Rafael told NBC 4 Washington. “It was kind of heartbreaking seeing that.”

The poor dog was rushed to MedVet Northern Virginia, and vets were able to get him to stable condition.

In an update the following day, the police reported that the dog was “resting comfortably,” but had to have a bullet surgically removed from his jaw and had multiple stitches put in to the bullet wounds.

He would also need to have his right hind leg amputated due to severe damage from the bullet.

The pit bull has been named “Kevin,” and despite everything he’s been through and all the surgeries, he’s keeping his head held high.

“His recovery is getting better each day,” MedVet wrote on Facebook. “Our team is sure to give him those extra snuggles, because they definitely help with the healing process.”

While he’s recovering, the police department is currently working on securing him a great new home.

“Kevin is ready for his long and happy life ahead, filled with lots of fetch, cuddles, treats, and kisses,” MedVet wrote.

**Update**Kevin, what we've unofficially named him, had his second set of surgeries to fix those wounds to his neck…

Posted by MedVet Northern Virginia on Monday, May 3, 2021

While Kevin is recovering and in good spirits, his assailant is still at large. Police are currently investigating the identity of the shooter, asking help from neighbors.

While no one has come forward yet, Kevin’s behavior — his heartbreaking loyalty even after being shot and left for dead — leads investigators to suspect that the shooter knew the dog well.

“The only thing I can describe is that if a pet, or a dog, would follow somebody back out of the woods after being shot multiple times — that shows the love that that animal had for that person,” Manassas Police Capt. Frank Winston told NBC 4.

We can’t imagine how anyone could be so cruel to such a beautiful dog. We hope the shooter is brought to justice soon and prevented from ever harming another animal.

But we’re glad Kevin is safe and recovering now. Thank you to everyone who helped save his life!

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