Pit bull puppy euthanized in overcrowded shelter, then vet returns to find him still alive

There are many shelters around the nation that are ready and willing to take in all the homeless and abandoned animals out there.

But unfortunately, there isn’t enough room for all of these animals and those that can’t find new homes often have to be put down.

Rudolph was only 8 months old when an animal shelter in Oklahoma decided the only option for this pit bull mix was to put him down, but Rudolph had other ideas.


When the vet injected Rudolph with the chemicals that would end his life, he left the room, only to return and find this determined dog still alive.

The vet decided not to attempt a second time and instead moved him to Kings Harvest Pet Rescue No Kill Shelter in Iowa, in the hope that someone would adopt him when they learned his story.


Posted by Kings Harvest Pet Rescue No Kill Shelter 563 386 3117 on Wednesday, January 16, 2019


King’s Harvest wrote on Facebook: “He was at shelter that was full so the vet euthanized him. But God had a different plan because he woke up. And thank goodness the vet said he wouldn’t do it again. So we brought him to our shelter in hopes somebody would come adopt him and give him a second chance at life.”

“He’s a miracle dog, absolutely,” Kylie Jo Mitchell, who works at King’s Harvest, told WQAD. “I’ve never heard of anything like this ever, this is a first.”

His post was shared almost 2,500 times with so many people wanting to adopt this sweet boy.

Rudolph is heading to his forever home. It was a tough decision with so many wonderful applications but Rudolph fell in love with this young man and the feeling was mutual 🥰 Thank you for adopting a rescue dog.

Posted by Kings Harvest Pet Rescue No Kill Shelter 563 386 3117 on Saturday, January 19, 2019


But Joyce Valentine and her son Mitchell were the lucky ones chosen to take this sweet boy home with them.

“It’s amazing and it’s almost a miracle in itself,” Joyce told WHBF. “We know that there were a lot of people who really wanted him, we do…We just fell in love with him.”

Nicknamed Rudy, their new addition is fitting in well with his forever family who have another pit bull called Thatchet.

“He’s made himself completely comfortable,” said Joyce. “Snuggles up with our pit Thatchet, they sleep together.”

Find out more about the dog that cheated death in the clip below.

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