Pit bull Penny stays by missing toddler’s side for two days

It’s every parent’s nightmare discovering that their child is missing and when that child is so young the search is even more frantic.

I can’t imagine the panic and despair that the family of 2-year-old Charlee Campbell endured when they discovered she was missing.

The toddler wandered off from her grandparent’s house in Kentucky and for two days nobody could find her.


Her grandfather had left for work early that morning and when her grandmother woke up she found Charlee gone and the front door open.

Also missing was the family dog, a pitbull called Penny. The search for these two led rescuers to the woods near the family home in Lebanon Junction.

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After two days of searching, which involved emergency crews and 100 volunteers, it was neighbor Wayne Brown who spotted a flash of blonde.

Charlee, also known as Mo, reportedly turned up on Wayne’s porch and he wondered if this little blonde girl was the toddler he was praying would return home.

She was covered in scratches, tick bites and leaves in her hair, according to Wayne, who called the police.

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Police said Penny arrived home shortly before Charlee was found at a neighbor’s house, several hundred yards up a wooded hill, reported Wave3.com News.

Charlee’s grandmother Beth thinks the dog stayed by her granddaughter’s side and kept her safe the whole time.

“This is our hero right here,” says Beth, hugging Penny

Man’s best friend

Charlee was taken to hospital where she was found to be unharmed. Her family made sure she enjoyed lots of treats and even Penny the hero hound got to enjoy a burger.

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