Pet dog sticks his paw into newlywed couple's wedding photo

Pet dog sticks his paw into newlywed couple’s wedding photo

A dog is a very special, important part of your life, so many people like to include their pet in the biggest day of their life: their wedding.

And one couple’s adorable, hilarious wedding photo shows that their dog is very eager to share the big day spotlight.

Shon Washington and his husband John got married this week. The couple had been engaged for years but decided to tie the knot in a socially-distant online ceremony due to the pandemic, according to Insider.

After saying their “I dos,” the couple decided to capture the moment with some wedding photos, including a classic hand-holding shot with their new wedding rings.

Little did they know, they’d have an unexpected guest in the photo: their pet dog!

Scooter, the couple’s 13-year-old miniature pinscher, “didn’t want to feel left out” and stuck his paw on their hands.

It’s an adorable photo, one that really represents how dogs are a beloved part of a family… and one that was completely taken by accident.

“I wasn’t even paying attention when Scooter did it,” Shon told Insider. “I was trying to switch the camera to another setting.”

“It was the perfect photo.” 

He explained that it isn’t unusual for Scooter to get involved with a tender moment.

“A moment doesn’t go by that he isn’t working his way between us if we’re hanging out on the couch,” Shon said. “He suddenly appears whenever there’s a quick hug in the kitchen. And, when caught, we immediately pick him up between us and make him into a Scooter sandwich.”

The photo has gone viral, with over 36,000 shares on Twitter in just a few days. Other people shared their own wedding photos photobombed by their dogs:

What a funny photo! That lucky dog definitely made this photo a wedding pic to remember!

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