Passerby smashes car window to free distressed dog left alone on a hot day

Passerby smashes car window to free distressed dog left alone on a hot day

Despite continued warnings and countless articles about dogs dying in hot cars owners still think it’s okay to leave their pet alone in a car for long periods of time.

Just last year a vet recorded a video of what happened when he sat in a hot car without air to show how much a dog suffers.

In Wales, U.K. a passerby was forced to smash a car window and rescue a dog that was trapped inside as the U.K. experienced record-breaking temperatures.

Another concerned shopper also spotted the pooch in distress and said announcements were made in three of the large stores near the parking lot in an attempt to trace the owner.

But when there was no response the man used a tool to smash the car window and free the animal.

The concerned passerby Zoey Thornton who helped the man in trying to find the owner, recorded the car smash and posted it on social media.

“The window was open a little bit but we were there for at least half an hour before any action was taken,” Zoey said, according to The Mirror Newspaper.

“It’s long enough for a dog to overheat in a car.”

The dog was given some water on its release and the police arrived.

“The dog was panting quite heavy. The people who noticed it first of all said they were there for a good 10 to 15 minutes before we got there,” she added.

“We smashed the window just before the police had arrived as it was starting to get too long.”

Zoey said she was a dog owner also and would never leave her dogs in her car for any length of time.

South Wales Police also warned dog owners of the potential dangers of leaving a dog in a hot car.

“Officers attended and the dog had already been released from the car. The owner was located and given advice.

“We would like to remind people that dogs can die in hot cars.”

Who in there right mind leaves a dog in a hot car while they go shopping is beyond me 🙈 the sun really does bring out the stupidity in some people ffs 😒 the dog had been in the car for atleast half hour before actions were taken to get the dog out i just wanna say a big thank you to all who was involed helping the dog to get out safely ❤️

Posted by Zoey Thornton on Sunday, May 31, 2020

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