Park workers rescue dog who had been trapped in crevasse for days

One missing dog’s scary ordeal is finally over, thanks to the quick actions of three national park employees who jumped into action after answering the dog’s distress call.

According to a post from the New River Gorge National Park and Preserve, trail crew member Ross Williams was performing trail maintenance on June 14 when he “heard a dog yelping in the far distance.”

Ross became worried that the dog was in danger. After their shift, Ross and fellow employees Jeremy Browning and Jonathon O’Neil followed the sound of the dog’s cries, and their search led them to discover the dog had fallen into a crevasse, and was stuck on a rock.

The poor dog was completely trapped and might’ve never been found, but thankfully the caring employees found her in time and jumped into action.

“They were able to maneuver around to safely get to the dogs location and pull her out,” the Facebook post reads.

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Facebook/New River Gorge National Park and Preserve

After getting the dog unstuck, they provided water and snacks to the very grateful dog. “She was very excited to meet her new best friends and showered them with lots of affection.”

Then, the three men helped the dog get back to her home. The dog’s collar helped identify the owner, who arrived an hour later.

The owner said the dog had been missing for a week, and it is likely that she had been trapped in the crevasse for a few days, at least.

It’s easy to imagine how things could’ve gone tragically wrong for the little dog, but thankfully these three followed the sound of her cries and made an inspiring rescue. The employees were commended for their actions.

“Just when we thought we couldn’t be more proud of this crew, they go and bump it up another notch,” New River Gorge National Park and Preserve wrote.

We’re so glad this dog is safe! Thank you to these three park employees for saving her life!

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