Owners of paralyzed puppy take her to be killed – then the vet runs a test and discovers the terrible truth

Dogs need a lot of love to really thrive. But unfortunately there are owners who are willing to give up their four-legged friends as soon as they show some kind of weakness.

Some animal owners only seem to like their pets when it suits them. In this case six-week-old Bella, the sweet puppy, was abandoned by her family when she could no longer walk. They dropped her off at the vets asking for her to be put down instead of treatment.


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The family believed that Bella was paralyzed and instead of taking her to the vet to find out more, they just wanted her put down. As soon as the vet saw her she suspected there may be another reason why this adorable pooch wasn’t walking and immediately ran some tests.

She discovered that Bella wasn’t paralyzed but simply suffering from hypoglycemia.

Piper Wood, from the Hand in Paw Animal Hospital, in LA, who the vet contacted to help re home Bella, said the puppy’s paralysis may have been caused by the very family which rejected her.

“Maybe they weren’t feeding her enough, and her blood sugar was too low”, she wrote on Facebook.

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Bella had also been taken away from her mother too early, which may have added to her problems. But with a little care from the vet, Bella made a rapid recovery and after six weeks was running around again.

Piper was able to find little Bella a forever home where she is loved, fed and cared for as she deserves.

“When I took her to her new home, I saw her play for the first time,” Piper said. “She was playing with like 10 different toys at once and running around, and she was so happy. That was incredible to see because I’ve only seen the scared side of her. She’s definitely feeling so much better, and she feels at home now.”

Hand in Paw/Facebook

Thank goodness for the vet’s quick-thinking actions! It was good that they didn’t give up on her and ran the tests she needed, otherwise she wouldn’t be alive today!

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