Paralyzed dog was brought to be euthanized, but gets a second chance and a new home

Paralyzed dog was brought to be euthanized, but gets a second chance and a new home

A paralyzed dog was nearly euthanized, but thanks to the rescuers who gave him a second chance, he now has the life he’s always dreamed of.

In February 2021, AMA Animal Rescue, in New York State, reported on a pit bull named Romeo who had recently come into their care. Romeo was paralyzed in all four legs, and someone brought him to a vet to be euthanized.

However, the vet spared his life, and instead Romeo began a treatment of physical therapy to walk again. Soon, he ended up at AMA, where he continued his road to recovery. Romeo also received treatment for a previous back injury.

While he made progress, he wasn’t out of the woods: vets noticed that Romeo’s eyes were constantly tearing up, and realized he had a condition called Entropion, in which the eyelids turn inwards, causing discomfort.

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The only way to treat the eyelid problem was through surgery, but AMA was determined to make it happen, in order to give this long-suffering dog “the healthy and comfortable life he deserves.”

“Romeo has already been through so much with his recent spinal injury and temporary paralysis,” AMA wrote on Facebook. “We couldn’t deny another necessary procedure for our boy who’s already been through so much.”

With the help of donations from followers, Romeo underwent the surgery to fix his eyelids.

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With his eyelids fixed, Romeo was finally healed up and ready to find his forever home. But the rescue soon faced another challenge: finding a family willing to take him in.

While the dog made a lot of progress, his medical issues likely put off potential adopters.

“Despite being such a good boy, Romeo still had trouble finding his forever home,” AMA wrote. “We’ve got multiple applications, but because there was no certainty on how his spinal injury will affect Romeo in the future many reconsidered their decision to adopt him.”

While it was a challenge, the rescue didn’t give up trying to find Romeo the home he deserved: “Romeo was a perfect example of perseverance, and we knew that we couldn’t disappoint him.”

But thankfully, his story has a happy ending. In March, the rescue announced that “Romeo made his biggest wish come true” — he got adopted!

“He is no longer a homeless dog, and with pride in our hearts, we can finally say that he found his one true forever home,” AMA wrote, sharing a photo of the happy dog with his new owner. “Enjoy the rest of your life, sweet boy Romeo!”

After almost 4 long months, Romeo made his biggest wish to come true. He is no longer a homeless dog, and with pride in…

Posted by AMA Animal Rescue on Monday, March 1, 2021

We’re so glad sweet Romeo got the second chance he deserved — he’s fully healed and has a forever home! What a happy ending!

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