Paralyzed 6-year-old meets her new service dog and its love at first sight

Paralyzed 6-year-old meets her new service dog and its love at first sight

For people in need, service dogs can be life-changing. They provide not just the love and companionship of a pet, but can be trained to perform essential tasks their owner might not be able to do themselves.

The bond between a service dog and their human can be the most beautiful friendship, and recently one six-year-old girl met her future service puppy… and they became friends immediately.

Memphis Rose is an adorable six-year-old girl who recently suffered a horrific accident. On June 7, the girl was involved in a multi-vehicle car crash that killed her uncle.

Memphis survived, but suffered severe injuries. According to People, she punctured her lung and fractured her neck and spine, leaving her paralyzed.

“The neurosurgeon said her spinal injury is one she may not recover from, and her chances of paralysis are significant,” her mother Gayrene Meade told People.

Memphis Rose has been at St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida, undergoing surgeries and beginning a slow, day-to-day recovery process.

But after all the darkness, she did get one glimmer of hope… in the form of a new friend:

She met Juliet, her future service dog!

Lori Griffith, the founder of Chasin a Dream Foundation, a nonprofit that aids children with life-threatening diseases, heard about Memphis Rose’s story, and contacted a local animal rescue called Furry Friends.

They had been caring for a golden retriever pup named Juliet who they sent to train to be a service dog for a veteran. But instead, it was decided that Juliet would be a perfect service dog for Memphis Rose.

Not only is the girl a perfect candidate for a service animal, but she loves dogs as well. She has always wanted a puppy, and wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up.

While Juliet still has some training to go through, she was able to meet her future owner for the first time, and visited Memphis Rose in the hospital.

The meeting was magical, and the two hit it off immediately.

“She was so happy to meet Juliet that she smiled brighter than I have ever seen, especially after learning that the loving puppy was in training to be her service dog,” Gayrene said.

“It was a magical moment for me after a horrific few weeks.”

“Juliet was born to be a service dog for Memphis Rose,” said Summit Earhart, Juliet’s trainer.

Juliet & Memphis Rose have seen each other a few times since their initial meeting and can’t wait to be with each other, but for now Juliet is hard at work getting ready for the job.

Once she’s officially a service dog, she’ll be able to do things like turn the lights on and off, tuck Memphis into bed and contact her mother if there is any medical issue.

“Since we can’t cover everything, we get Juliet used to doing and seeing as many things as possible so whatever happens is okay with her,” Earhart told People.

“Memphis Rose is happy that Juliet is doing well, and I feel so lucky to help make a difference in this child’s life.”

It’s amazing the difference a service animal can have in someone’s life. Memphis Rose has been fighting so hard since the accident, and now this smart puppy will make her life so much better.

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