Couple adopt cute little dog from shelter – after a few months they realize there’s been a huge mistake

When you decide to get a dog, for some people it’s not as easy as just going out and getting one.

Arrangements must be made, pet supplies need to be bought, breeds need to be researched and where you get your dog from can be a big decision.

When Sue Markham finally persuaded her husband Robert to get a dog, he had one condition: no big dogs.

So, with this in mind Sue started her search for the perfect pooch and one day she found a little puppy from a local dogs’ home that she had been told was a Jack Russell Terrier.

But it wasn’t long before Sue and Robert realized this was no Jack Russell terrier.

They named their little pooch Yogi Bear, which was more appropriate than they could have imagined.

After five months with this ‘little dog’ they realized they didn’t have a Jack Russell Terrier.

Photo: YouTube

Yogi Bear weighs 200 pounds

Jack Russell dogs grow to a maximum of 15 inches at the shoulder and don’t usually weigh any more than 17 pounds.

But Yogi Bear quickly surpassed these measurements and grew to be 6ft long and weighed 200 pounds.

The couple soon realized that their dog was not a Jack Russell, as they had been told, but a Mantle Great Dane.

Known as a Boston Great Dane until the 1990s, Great Danes are known as gentle giants and continue to grow for longer than any other dog.


After getting over the shock of realizing that the small dog they had originally wanted was now a giant they had already fallen in love with their Yogi Bear and there was no question that they were keeping him.

“I thought, ‘How much trouble can a Jack Russell be?’” Sue Markham told the Daily Mail.

“By the time he was five months old, he was bigger than any Jack Russell he came across at the park and he had this big tongue that lolled out of his mouth and a tail like a baseball bat.”

But a big dog comes with big costs and the Markhams tend to spend around $235 a month on food for the dog alone!

Sue told the Daily Mail in 2015 that his favorite foods included scrambled eggs and sausages.

Find out more about this beautiful big dog in the clip below, including his best friend, a tiny dog called Toffee.

I love that this couple embraced their surprise super-size dog and love him dearly; what great dog parents they are.

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