Owners of Spencer the Boston Marathon dog announce death of second dog, Penny

Barely one week after the owners of Spencer, the beloved Boston Marathon Dog, announced the death of the 13-year-old Golden Retriever, the family once again took to social media to announce sad news.

The family’s second dog, Penny, had died.

Rich and Dorrey Powers made the devastating announcement Sunday stating Penny’s death came just eight days after Spencer died after a battle with cancer.

Penny, who was Spencer’s niece, died Saturday after the Powers’ took her to the emergency vet where they discovered she had been suffering from internal bleeding.

“We discovered a tumor on Penny’s spleen and she was bleeding internally. We then had the chest exrayed and the entire abdomen ultra sound where they found that the Hemangio Sarcoma tumors had spread to her liver.”

Penny’s prognosis was bleak.

“The vet said with out the surgery she would pass in less than 12 hours.”

The family made the extremely difficult decision to let her pass while she was still comfortable.

“We held her, thanked her, and told her we loved her until he last breath.”

In the days following Spencer’s death, not only was the Powers’ family extremely devastated, but so was Penny.

“We did everything we could to keep her busy to keep her mind off her loss. We have been watching Penny closely while she grieved to be sure we could help her navigate through her grief.”

They had even set up a puppy playdate to help cheer her up, but it was during that playdate her parents noticed something was seriously wrong.


After Spencer’s death the Powers’ family started a fundraiser to support the fight against canine cancer. So far more than $17,000 has been raised in Spencer’s and Penny’s names.

Rest in peace, Penny. Both you and Spencer provided so many smiles to countless people around the world.

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