Owner’s heart melts when he sees beloved Staffordshire mama dog giving birth to 13 miracle pups

Three-year-old Staffordshire Diva and 13-year-old shepherd mix Joey met in the summer of 2013 and instantly fell in love.

And the two didn’t waste time starting a family. A couple months later, Diva’s belly started to grow—she was pregnant!

Diva’s owner soon noticed that her stomach was unusually large and wondered what she was hiding inside. The answer would prove to be a miracle—or 13 miracles to be exact!

It was Diva’s first time being a mother, and when she was ready to give birth, she seemed worried at first. When her first puppy was on its way out, Diva almost sat on it. But after that, he calmed down and found her rhythm.

Luckily, Diva’s owner was by her side to make sure her baby was okay. Diva relaxed once the first puppy was out, and she delivered the rest of her 13 babies without difficulty.

Diva’s proud owner managed to capture the beautiful moment on video, and you can watch the birth of these 13 healthy babies below. It’s no wonder this video has got over 17 million views on YouTube.

Would it be stupid to say this made me tear up? It’s truly a miracle to see these adorable puppies pop out one-by-one! Don’t forget to share this wonderful video with all of the animal lovers in your life!