Owner’s heart melts when he sees what’s hiding in dog Diva’s huge belly

3-year-old dog Diva and 13-year-old dog Joey met in the summer of 2013 and instantly fell in love. Time passed and eventually Diva’s belly began to grow — she was pregnant.

Diva’s owner soon discovered that her stomach was unusually large, and wondered just what hid inside.

It would soon prove to be a miracle — or 13 miracles to be exact!

It was Diva’s first time as a mother, and she was not quite sure how to behave. As her first puppy was on its way out, she almost sat on it.

But luckily, both her owner and daddy Joey were there by her side to help her. After the first puppy was born, Diva relaxed and managed to deliver the remaining litter without problems.

Also luckily, Diva’s owner captured the incredible moment on video. Watch Diva feeding no less than 13 healthy little puppies below. What a wonderful mom and darling little sweethearts!

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/1nn8SOEtsOc” /]

Isn’t it just so wonderful to witness such a miracle? I think Diva was just admirable during this difficult childbirth.

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