Owner was devastated when dog was stolen in violent carjacking — now has good news

A man recently experienced every pet owner’s worst nightmare, after violent carjackers stole his vehicle with his beloved dog still inside.

But days later, there’s been a positive update in the story…

Zachary Murphree, from Memphis, Tennessee, was at a gas station on Saturday with his 15-year-old chocolate lab, Hershey inside the car.

According to FOX 13, two men approached Zachary, claiming they were out of gas and needed help. While Zachary helped the men by filling up a gas jug, it turned out to all be a ruse for a violent carjacking.

The two suspects reportedly beat him with an AK-47 and stole his car keys. Soon, they made off with his 2006 Chevrolet Silverado — with Hershey still inside.

“They knew he was in there,” Zachary told WREG.

“He’s half blind, he’s deaf, he can’t hear anything,” Zachary told FOX 13 of his senior dog. “All he wanted to do was just play.”

The stolen vehicle was later recovered in bad shape, but Hershey wasn’t inside. Days passed with no sign of the dog, and Zachary was worried sick.

“It’s just hard. I just miss him so much. He would just always made me happy.”

Zachary said that Hershey was the only family he has left, and the loss came at a particularly bad time in his life: he recently lost his house due to health and financial issues. “Everything at once. When it rains, I get a monsoon,” he told WREG.

However, there’s been an inspiring update to the story: earlier today, Hershey was located and returned home safe.

“I got a call from the sheriff’s office that they had found him,” Zach said. “The dog is great.”

The carjackers damaged Zach’s car to the point that it is undrivable and also stole his power tools, and he doesn’t have insurance. The thieves are still at large, and police are encouraging anyone with information to call Crimestoppers at (901) 528-CASH or the Violent Crimes Unit at (901) 545-COPS.

While the investigation continues, Zach can at least take solace in the fact that his beloved dog is back safe and sound.

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