Owner “forgot” to feed dog – now look at his transformation when animal hero puts out bowl of food

Meet Benji! He lived with someone who, unfortunately, was no kind of owner. At least that’s my opinion after seeing photos of the poor dog.

Just imagine if you were deprived of food… That’s not the kind of treatment anyone should have to endure. But that’s exactly what Benji was subjected to, and he was close to death when he was rescued. He was sleeping on a bare floor and covered in sores. The reason? People had been throwing stones at him. He had even spent time chained up, writes animal rights organisation Sidewalk Specials.

This story is truly terrible, but it has a happy ending!


Sidewalk Specials rescued Benji and gave him food and the love he deserves. Sidewalk Specials are located in Cape Town, and have shared pictures of Benji’s recovery on Facebook. It really is a miraculous transformation!

Beni has spent his life chained on concrete, exposed to the elements, on the edge of starvation, terrorised by people…

Posted by Sidewalk Specials on Wednesday, July 20, 2016

At first, Benji just stood and stared at the bowl of food they put in front of him. It was like he was asking himself: ‘Is this really for me?’. But eventually, hunger took over and he began to eat, thank goodness! It was only then that he realised that the shelter staff were good people who were trying to help him!

In the clip below, the organisation has captured Benji’s life on film. The first few minutes are really sad to see, but watching Benji’s recovery and transformation is really wonderful! You start to see a difference at the two-minute mark. I almost had to do a double take!

I don’t understand why people adopt an animal that they don’t want to take care of. To just “forget” your dog like this is completely unacceptable!

I am so glad that there are animal lovers out there who do everything they can to help animals in need. Share this story to honor their important and tireless work!