Owner flees state because of coronavirus and leaves behind his 'super sweet' dog

Owner flees state because of coronavirus and leaves behind his ‘super sweet’ dog

While many across the country are falling ill, suffering a change in their economic status, or attempting to escape a coronavirus hotspot, animal shelters are seeing the number of homeless pets increase.

But there is promising news, there have been many instances where shelters have seen an increase in the number of fosters and adoptions.

Recently, a woman in Orlando, Florida found an abandoned dog in front of her Orlando, Florida home. His owner left him tied to a tree with a handwritten note.


“I am leaving to California to be with my sick mother and brother during this pandemic. Please take care of Lincoln or find him a good home. I trust you with my baby. I’m sorry,” the note read.


The woman contacted The Pittie Party of Central Florida, an animal rescue. Mayson Jones, a volunteer, went to the woman’s house and retrieved Lincoln. She brought him back to her home where she discovered he was a happy pup who was now in need of a new forever home.

“He seemed a bit confused and was looking all around the yard for awhile,” Jones told The Dodo. “But [he] eventually settled down and played fetch with me and seemed happy.”


TPPCF shared his photos and story, which unfortunately is not uncommon nowadays, on Facebook and it wasn’t long before someone saved him.

While Lincoln is currently enjoying life with his foster family, he’s still looking for a forever home.

“He’s a big hippo,” Jones said. “Just an overall super sweet and mellow guy.”

Lincoln is spending the day on the lake. This pup was abandoned and tied to a tree. Now he’s living in style. Our dogs…

Posted by The Pittie Party of Central Florida on Sunday, March 29, 2020

Lincoln does well around people and other dogs, but not around cats. TPPCF is looking for potential adopters who own their own home and would prefer if you have a fenced in yard.

If you would like to adopt Lincoln or any other dogs, you’re encouraged to reach out to TPPCF.

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