Owner dumps malnourished pit bull on the side of road with just a bag of food

Owner dumps malnourished pit bull on the side of road with just a bag of food

It’s always heartbreaking when someone abandons their dog, leaving them all on their own with no care for what happens to them.

Like one poor pit bull, who was found in poor shape after being ditched by his careless owner. But now, authorities are giving the dog the care he’s so long been denied — and hoping to find the owner who mistreated him.

Yesterday, the Clearwater Police Department, in Florida, responded to a call about a pit bull abandoned on the side of the road, left with just a single bag of food.

The dog food was little consolation for the dog, who had clearly lived a life of neglect even before his abandonment.

“He’s malnourished and hasn’t been cared for properly, but he has a sweet and friendly disposition,” the Clearwater Police Department wrote on Facebook.

They brought the dog to Pinellas County Animal Control, where he received some proper love and care.

The dog is now in the care of animal control, and despite all he’s been through he’s still keeping his head up.

“This dog appeared to our officer to be the most loving, friendly creature that there could be,” Clearwater Police spokesman Rob Shaw told FOX 13.

He’s currently recovering, but could be put up for adoption in a week, hopefully ending up in a much better home with people who will love and care for him.

“This little dog deserves better than what it got,” Shaw said.

Meanwhile, police are looking for his original owner who abandoned him. While they acknowledge that sometimes people’s life circumstances change and they can no longer care for their pets, the owner should’ve contacted a humane society instead.

The former owner could face animal cruelty charges for the abandonment, however, police have few leads. The dog was not microchipped, and the only thing known about the man is that he may have been in a black pickup truck.

Clearwater Police urged anyone with information to contact 727-562-4242.

We’re so glad this dog is safe and on his way to a better life, but it’s still inexcusable that he was abandoned like this.

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