Owner ‘buries’ beloved dog, pooch’s hilarious reaction leaves Internet in stitches

Having a dog is such a privilege; they make life so much better!

Dogs are loyal, intelligent, and have plenty of personality, just like us humans.

They also love to play, and depending on the breed, they enjoy different activities.

Sakari the Husky loves playing in the snow, something that has now got the whole internet laughing out loud – check it out in the clip below!

When Amanda Killen and her boyfriend Phil first met Sakari, they realized that Sakari had a rough past.

“Had no idea”

Amanda and Phil wanted to get a dog, so they went to an animal shelter to see if they could find a pup that suited their needs and needed a forever home.

That’s when they met Sakari. She had spent most of her life in cramped shelters, and getting to play outdoors was something she had hardly experienced.

When we arrived, the first dog she brought out for us to see was Sakari,” Amanda Killen said, according to The Dodo.

“Sakari immediately laid down at our feet on her back in a submissive state. We knew in the back of our minds that this was the girl for us.”

Understandably, Sakari was very scared and withdrawn at first, but she was also very kind. Over time, she became more and more open to her new owners.

Sakari is now a happy pup who loves playing with her family, especially in the snow.

Her favorite thing is to be “buried” in the snow by her owner, Phil.

“Phil just kind of started putting snow on her [one day]. She just laid there, so he kept burying her!” Killen said. “I think she would have laid there all day.”

Just watch the clip below!

Isn’t it wonderful to see when dogs truly get to enjoy their lives and feel nothing but love and joy? No pup thrives by sitting and languishing in a shelter, so consider that before getting a dog!