One-eyed bull terrier still loves all humans even after being shot in the head

Anyone who’s ever owned a dog can attest to the endless love they offer and the pure joy they get simply from being your companion.

That dogs will place their undying trust in humans has been proven time and again, but sometimes there are cases that really drive the point home beyond all doubt.

Bubbles, a bull terrier mix, was shot in the head and then beaten with a hammer during a tragic period of abuse suffered at the hands of a vile monster.

And now she’s found her forever home and, by all accounts, still loves every single person she meets.

Bubbles was just six-months-old when she was brought into a dog shelter having sustained devastating injuries in a ruthless and unprovoked attack.

Her right eye had to be removed after she was shot in the head at point-black range and the bullet shattered her jaw and inner ear. A resulting CT scan showed that her jaw wasn’t healing correctly in the aftermath, leaving her able to only open her mouth half an inch.

When 51-year-old Kilyn Horton Blanchard and her husband, 56-year-old Ike Blanchard, met Bubbles at the shelter whilst volunteering in September 2017, they knew instantly that their lives were destined to be woven together.

The couple, who own a mobile dog grooming service in Houston, Texas, said: “She was just lying in her kennel but the moment we opened it up she came out and buried her head into my chest and just wanted to be held.”

Kilyn admitted that they made the decision to foster her there and then. Now, over two years (and four surgeries) later, Bubbles is a loving dog who behaves like one that’s only ever known kindness and love.

Bubbles is also a team player and together with Kilyn she’s helping to raise awareness as to animal cruelty.

Kilyn said: “She loves meeting children and is so gentle with them. Currently we are trying to get her working with different animal rescues to spread awareness of animal cruelty including going to schools and talking to young people about how to properly care for animals.

“We want to share her story but focus mainly on her future and show people that because your past may have been rough it doesn’t have to determine your future. We also want to encourage kindness and generosity towards others.”

Bubbles’ Instagram page, meanwhile, has proven massively popular. With 67,000 followers, her posts help to raise awareness as to the plights of other injured pups.

It simply warms my heart to see dogs like Bubbles bounce back from extreme trauma to enjoy a life of happiness and love they truly deserve.

Thank you, Kilyn and Ike, for all that you’ve done in restoring Bubbles’ faith in humans and showing her what love is.

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