Tribute paid to K-9 diagnosed with inoperable cancer

Officers line up to say goodbye to hero K9 diagnosed with inoperable tumor – thank you, Cuba ❤️

Policing is a tough job and those who do it risk their lives every day but they don’t do it alone.

Most officers have the protection of K-9 dogs who risk their lives for the safety of their handlers.

K-9 Cuba has been helping to fight crime since 2012 when he was partnered with Trooper Ryan Zeller in Branson, Missouri.

Just recently the brave hound had to be taken to animal hospital for a hernia repair and while in surgery the veterinarian discovered that Cuba had cancer and it had spread to his abdomen.

The cancer was too advanced for Cuba to be saved so instead of making him endure more pain his family decided the most humane thing to do was to have him put down.

An honor walk was held for Cuba where officers and the public came out to show their thanks and respect for this courageous hound.

“He’s one of us and does the same job we do just with no recognition,” said Sam Carpenter, Public Information Officer.

“We’re just here to show our support, it would be no different than a human partner. They raise these dogs from puppies so it makes it tough.”

Officer Carpenter said Cuba has spent a lifetime in service.

“He’s made multiple drug arrests, he’s helped track down a murder suspect, he’s had a pretty long distinguished career,” he added.

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Rest in peace Cuba.