Nurse stops to rescue dog running down freeway: 'lucky to be alive'

Nurse stops to rescue dog running down freeway: ‘lucky to be alive’

On Friday, a dog was found in a dangerous situation on Friday after ending up on an LA freeway — until one nurse saved the day.

It was a tense situation: the dog was running down the 5 Freeway in the San Fernando Valley, in danger of being struck by a vehicle. Motorists stopped to try and help the dog, but the frightened dog kept resisting and running away.


But Amber Streid, a cardiac nurse, took a different approach.

“My first thought was to jump out of my car and run with the dog, so she wouldn’t be scared,” she told FOX 11, but decided then to remain in her vehicle until the timing was right. The dog continued to run nervously between cars, but when the time was right, Amber opened her car door and the dog jumped right inside.


The nurse’s fellow drivers were happy to see someone had finally caught the loose, terrified dog. “A couple in a truck started clapping, and some guy in a white van started clapping. Everybody was just happy that someone was able to get the dog,” Amber told KCAL/KCBS.

The dog was a bit worn out from the ordeal, and was bleeding from injuries to her paws. Amber contacted her mobile veterinarian, John Winter, to come look at the dog, who thankfully said she was okay.

“She’s lucky to be alive, but doesn’t look worse for the wear,” the vet told KCAL. “I do think she has an owner, as she looks pretty well fed. She’s somebody’s pet.”


Amber took the dog home to care for her. There was no microchip on the dog, but she was determined to get her back to the right home.

Thankfully, the dog is now home. In an update from FOX 11, the dog, whose real name is Pretty, reunited with her owner, who says the dog got lost while the family was moving.

“I didn’t think we were gonna see her again until a couple nights ago when we saw the video for the first time,” the owner told FOX 11. “Definitely give our thanks and appreciation to the Streid family and Amber for everything.”


The owner said that Pretty was found by the right person, and that his dog clearly trusted the nurse to help her.

“[Pretty] usually doesn’t like females but she loves Amber… she’s been following her around,” he added. “It’s amazing it seems like it was meant to be… I’m just happy it was her.”

We’re so glad Pretty is safe and home now! Thank you to this nurse for saving the day and stopping to help!

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