Nonverbal toddler still has ‘conversations’ with her beloved dog in viral videos

There’s something special about the bond between dogs and young children. Babies love dogs, and dogs are instinctively wired to protect them. It’s a deep kind of friendship, even if neither of them can express it.

But one viral video shows how bonded kids and their dogs can be… sometimes they just understand each other in a way that no one else can quite understand.

Everlee is a two-year-old girl from Marysville, Washington who is best buds with her Alaskan husky named Dude. Her mother Destanie Heath said that the two have been “inseparable since the day Everlee was brought home from the hospital.”

Just a girl and her dog ❤️❤️

Posted by Destanie Heath on Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Everlee also has epilepsy, and as a result has delayed speech.

But that hasn’t stopped her from having some secret conversations with her beloved dog.

In an adorable video posted by her mom on Facebook, the toddler and the husky seem to have made up their own language: they go back-and-forth with howls and screams. While that might not be much fun for the neighbors, it’s still a cute moment and Everlee is clearly having a great time.

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The precious moment went viral with over 350,000 shares on Facebook.

Just in case anyone thought this was just a one-time thing, Destanie posted a second video proving that these friends regularly make time for a chat:

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“They are truly a bonded pair,” the mom said in a ViralHog video caption. “He is always right by her, he is actually the one that taught her to do this.”

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