No one at wedding knows what she’s hiding under her dress: then dog smells it and realizes something is very wrong

Many times when dogs behave strangely there is a reason behind it – and there is certainly evidence for the theory that dogs can feel when something is wrong.

This story is excellent proof of that. During a wedding in Nigeria, none of the guests believed that anything was wrong… except one dog, who is now being hailed a hero.

It was last Spring when a big group of guests gathered for a wedding in Belbelo, Nigeria.

Most of the residents of the village were at the wedding celebrating… but they had no idea that their lives were in danger.

In the middle of all the festivities, a young woman approached the crowd. She had hidden a bomb under her dress – and was panning to detonate it in the middle of the crowd.

But one dog, who is believed to have belonged to one of the guests, quickly realized that something was wrong.

The four-legged hero darted towards the woman – and attacked her.

“The dog stopped the teenage suicide bomber from detonating her strapped improvised explosive devices on the wedding crowd of people,” police spokesman Victor Isuku tells The Telegraph.

Instead of the tragic outcome that would have occured if the bomb had detonated in the middle of the crowd, the bomb detonated then and there, away from the guests.

Both the woman and the dog died – but thanks to this dog’s brave actions, all of the wedding guests were unharmed.

Now the dog is being hailed as a hero, and the villages will be forever thankful that their four-legged friend sacrificed himself to save their lives.

Dogs really are a man’s best friend, this story is powerful proof of that.

Now I want to help spread this story further, to honor the momory of this incredible hero dog who sacrificed himself and prevented a tragedy.

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