New iPhone model has a portrait mode designed for pet photos

People love their iPhones, which is why it’s always a big event every year when Apple announces their newest models. Whether or not you’re actually up for dropping a few hundred bucks on a phone upgrade, it’s still interesting to hear what new features they’ve come out with.

The iPhone 11, for instance, features a three-lens camera and longer battery life.

But there’s one feature that has animal lovers particularly excited:

Pet portrait mode.

If you have a newer-model iPhone, you’ve probably tried out portrait mode at some point. It’s a feature of the built-in camera that detects the subject and blurs the background. It’s a great way to step up your Insta game.

But tragically, on the iPhone XR, that feature only worked on human subjects, not on inanimate objects and sadly not our furry friends. The feature couldn’t process their faces.

Now, with the upgraded camera, portrait mode now works on pets, a fact they highlighted in their keynote:

It’s a cool feature, and if it doesn’t sound like a great incentive to go out and buy this $700 phone, you haven’t been online long enough. There are people who will pay top dollar to give their pets the full glamour shot treatment.

As some people have pointed out, this isn’t technically aย new feature: it’s been available on the dual-lens iPhone XS and XS Max.

But the iPhone 11 is the first time it will be available on one of iPhone’s more affordable models (the 11 will be $300 cheaper than the XS was.)

So get ready when the new phone is released next week… you’re might be seeing a lot of cat photos on your Facebook feed.

That is, more than usual.

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