Mourning dog still leaves half the food in the bowl for her best friend, even after he passed away

It’s amazing how loving dogs can be. They have such an emotional intelligence and form real bonds and friendships, both with their owners and with other dogs.

And when someone they love passes away, a dog always has a way of seemingly understanding the situation and grieving for their friend.

That’s what one man realized, when he saw a heartbreaking sight that showed how much one of his dogs missed his friend.

Easton Dufur owned two dogs, Stitch and Cookie. The two were best friends, always playing together happily.

“They loved each other very much,” Easton told The Dodo. “Cookie would always egg him on so he would play with her and they would take care of one another.”


The two dogs were so close they even ate out of the same dog bowl, both eating half.

Sadly, Stitch died in 2017 at the age of 13. He was greatly missed, not just by his owner but by his old playmate Cookie.

Shortly after Stitch’s death, Easton fed Cookie, in the usual bowl she used to share with Stitch. He put less food than he normally did since it was just for one dog.

But surprisingly, he noticed that Cookie didn’t eat much… then he realized with a heavy heart that Cookie actually left half the bowl for Stitch.


Maybe Cookie didn’t realize Stitch was gone and wanted to make sure he got his share of food. Maybe she did understand he was gone for good, and left some food for him anyway—in tribute or out of habit.

Either way it shows just how loyal dogs are to their friends, even when they’re no longer around.

Easton said Cookie showed other signs of grieving—she was more mellow and slept more. Seeing how much Stitch’s death affected her, Easton made sure to give her all the love she needed.

“We have been giving her so much love and attention,” he told The Dodo. “We are getting past the mourning.”

It’s incredible how dogs can grieve and mourn for their friends, just like people do. It just shows how loyal and intelligent these pets are.

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