Driver spots garbage bag moving at the side of the road, stops and alerts police

It’s a sad fact that in the U.S. every year millions of animals are dumped.

Some of these abandoned animals face a life on street, having to defend themselves and fight for food.

But for those animals that are dumped when they are barely out of the womb, their future is even harsher.

When a litter of newborn puppies were put in a garbage bag and tossed out of a car window, their future had already been decided by their cruel owner, until a motorist stops and calls for help.

Animal cruelty investigators from Harris County in Houston were called to the upsetting find at the side of the street.

The starving cold pups were in a garbage bag and had been left for dead.

Officers found seven newborn pups inside.

Photo: Facebook

They were taken to Harris County Animal Shelter where they were wrapped in blankets and fed with a bottle.

Photo: Facebook

They were so little they could barely open their eyes. If someone hadn’t noticed the moving bag at the side of the street, they would have all died.

A cruelty report was filed as officers appealed for anyone with any information concerning the person who dumped these poor pups.

Photo: Facebook

See the moment these pups are rescued in the clip below.

I’m so thankful someone was paying attention that morning and spotted the moving bag. Such a sad case.

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