Monster injured poor dog with car so badly that she couldn’t even walk

Although it’s hard to think about, animal neglect and abuse happens every day.

We love our pets at home and would never think of being cruel to them.

But unfortunately, some people don’t think this way, and are willing to harm, hurt, or starve animals in their care.

Thanks to the everyday heroes who care, a large portion of these animals are saved from their situation.

These heroes can be anonymous tipsters as well as animal rescuers who are willing to put themselves in harm’s way in order to save our furry friends.

The story of Zoey is a very good example of this!

One day, Zoey, a stray dog, was hit by a car and seriously injured herself. She got a nasty head wound and her pelvis and hips were broken.

Some kind person took her to an animal shelter, but there was nothing they could do to save her – except taking Zoey to the nearest vet and hoping for the best. 

The veterinarian, Dr. Karri from Vet Ranch, were not too optimistic when Zoey brought in, but they did what they do best and fought hard to save her.

Dr. Karri examined Zoey and she was determined to save Zoey’s life. The plan that Dr. Karri came up involved three separate surgeries to fix all her injuries.

At this point, no one knew if Zoey would recover from her injuries, but fortunately all three operations went well.

After the surgery, Dr. Karri discovered an ulcer on Zoey’s eye that needed treatment. But Dr. Karri and her crew were able to fix that with some scraping and medicated eye drops!

Soon, Zoey was back on her feet! 

Dr. Karri… Thank you so much for helping Baby Girl Zoey! I was so scared that she wouldn’t make it. But I should have known.

That she was not ready to give up and neither were you! I am so thrilled she’s going to be okay. Like all the animals that are helped and saved. Baby Girl Zoey was well worth fighting for. Because she deserves all the best in life!