Missing 10-year-old girl survives night in blizzard by cuddling up with ‘fluffy’ stray dog

Dogs are such caring and loyal animals. They have great protective instincts and are always looking after humans when they’re in need of help — especially young children.

There have been many stories of children getting lost in harsh, dangerous conditions, only to be found alive thanks to the loyal dog who stayed by their side.

That was the case recently, after one 10-year-old girl survived freezing weather by cuddling with a stray dog for warmth.

According to The Mirror, the girl, named Vika Z, from the island of Sakhalin, Russia, got lost on her way home from school.

The girl was missing for hours, and the case took a drastic turn as night fell: temperatures dropped to -11 degrees Celsius (about 12 degrees Fahrenheit), and a blizzard caused two feet of snow.

Police and volunteers began a frantic search for Vika, fearing the young girl wouldn’t survive the night in such brutal weather conditions.

After 18 hours, Vika was finally found, safe and live — thanks to an unexpected friend.

According to local media, the girl was found “hugging a fluffy dog for warmth.”


The dog was a stray, and the girl cuddled up with the dog on a mattress that kind locals had left out for him, sheltered from the snowfall. “She was hiding under a balcony with the dog,” said Olesya Voznyuk, an official with the Investigative Committee.

“She was taken straight to hospital, and found to have mild frostbite,” a local source added, according to The Mirror.

It turns out Vika had a special connection with the stray dogs, so it’s not too surprising that this street pooch was willing to keep her company.

“The girl loves animals very much, she used to play with local dogs all the time,” Voznyuk said. “She went to feed these dogs after school and then got caught in the snow storm and strong winds.”

The stray dog definitely saved the girl’s life, and he would no doubt be honored by a hero by the relieved locals — unfortunately, however, the stray who saved the day is currently missing.

But hopefully he turns up soon, and they can give him the recognition he deserves.

What an amazing dog, keeping this girl warm while she was lost in the freezing cold. It just goes to show how loving and loyal dogs can be.

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