‘Miracle pup’ saves owner’s life by detecting cancer early

Dogs have incredible senses, especially their sense of smell. It makes them capable of detecting things that humans cannot, which makes them perfect for jobs like tracking down missing people.

But dogs are also known to use their noses to save lives in another way: by detecting cancer. According to AKC, their incredibly powerful sense of smell can detect cancer in its earliest stages, which can give their owners time to get a life-saving treatment.

That was the case recently, as one man credits his dog for helping to save his life by detecting his cancer.

Victor Calderone is a 54-year-old DJ from New York City, and the owner of a dog named Tuco. Originally, he was against adopting the pet, but his wife and son won him over.

“I was opposed to getting a dog for years while Jivan and Athena campaigned hard to get one,” Victor wrote on Instagram.

Little did he know, the rescue dog would soon rescue him back. On May 10, Victor announced on Instagram that he had been diagnosed with cancer — but he would be okay, thanks to the early detection of Tuco.

“He triggered both the symptom and the awareness that I needed to go to the doctor which in turn sent me to the ER,” Victor wrote.

Doctors told him, “your dog saved your life.”


“I do not know what our family would be battling if not for Tuco,” Victor’s wife Athena wrote in her own Instagram post.

It’s a miraculous story, one that shows that dogs truly come into your life for a reason. That’s the lesson Victor took away, grateful he decided to take in Tuco after all.

“Call it coincidence or divine intervention, but what I do know is this little guy came into my life for a reason,” Victor wrote. “And although we rescued him, I believe he saved me.”

“I love you more than you know. You are our miracle pup.”


What a miracle. It’s truly amazing what dogs can do. We’re so glad that Victor is safe thanks to his great loyal pet.

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