‘Miracle’ dog who lost an eye after savage beating gets second chance at happiness

Animal rescuers said they had never seen anything like it when they discovered Bruce the bull lurcher wandering the streets.

His skull was smashed, he was covered in burns and he couldn’t open his jaw, when he was discovered close to death in Carlisle, England.

It’s thought he was beaten with a stick then set alight and had been wandering the streets for several days before he was rescued. He was also found to be severely underweight.

Inspectors from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) who saved him were horrified by his condition.


“What kind of person could do this,” RSPCA inspector Sam Morris said, according to the Daily Mail.

Inspector Morris said in the ten years she had been doing her job she had never “seen anything that awful.”

Veterinary surgeons weren’t sure if he’d pull through as he underwent lifesaving surgery to repair his fractured skull. He was left with only one eye.

‘Bruce is 100 percent happy in life’

Thankfully this tough hound pulled through and recovered from his horrific injuries. Marie Coleman who worked at the vet surgery where Bruce was operated on fell in love with the fighter and adopted him.

“He is so special. Bruce is 100 percent happy in life and he’s made our lives 100 percent better,” she said, according to the Daily Mail.


I cannot comprehend the kind of person who would do this to an animal, but Bruce’s response is a testimony to the character of dogs, we don’t deserve them!

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