Metal-loving German shepherd sneaks out of house to go to Metallica concert

You never know what kinds of adventures your dog will get up to once they get out of the house. Sometimes dogs escape from home and their owners are very surprised where they turn up.

That was the case recently, after one German shepherd snuck out of the house… and was found having the time of her life rocking out to one legendary band.

On August 25, a German shepherd named Storm got loose from her home in Inglewood, California. “We don’t know how she got out, we checked our cameras and we didn’t see nothing,” Storm’s owner Kathy Villa told KTLA.

Thankfully, Storm was soon found — and the owners were stunned and amused by where she ended up.

It turns out the dog must be a big metal fan, because she was found at SoFi Stadium, watching a Metallica concert!

A hilarious photo shows Storm seated for the show, her tongue out as if she’s thrilled to be watching her favorite rock group live in concert:

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Facebook/The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation

It’s not clear how she ended up at the Metallica show, but it seems she snuck in to the nearby venue on her own.

The Grammy-winning band was amused by the incident, and shared the photo on Twitter, along with a bunch of dog-inspired song title puns.

“She had a great time listening to her favorite songs, including ‘Barx Æterna,’ ‘Master of Puppies,’ and ‘The Mailman That Never Comes,'” Metallica wrote.

After being found at the concert, Storm was taken to a local shelter. The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation initially reported that the dog had been abandoned and was in need of a foster, but Storm’s family soon reunited with the wayward dog.

The owners were amused by the incident, wondering how their dog made it into the Metallica show.

“We were laughing,” Aribeth Hurtado told KTLA. “We were like, ‘how did she get in the concert and actually sit in a seat? How did she get passed all of the security and the gate and the metal detectors and everything?’ And I’m pretty sure it was super crowded. So she probably just squeezed her way through the crowd and sat down in a seat.”

They described Storm as a “musical dog” who enjoys the music her family plays for her, but they were also surprised the “jumpy” German shepherd was able to sit so calmly at the concert.

While the story is funny and everything worked out in the end, it isn’t recommended that you bring a dog to a metal concert — pets (except trained service animals) usually aren’t allowed in venues, and loud rock concerts might be too much for hearing-sensitive dogs.

“You definitely shouldn’t bring your furry friends to the #M72 World Tour,” Metallica tweeted. “But this dog sure did have her day…”

It turned out that Storm was there on a historic night for the band: their August 25 show broke the single-show attendance record at SoFi stadium, with nearly 80,000 fans (plus one good dog) in attendance.

Who hasn’t snuck out of the house to see a concert? We hope Storm enjoyed rocking out with Metallica and are happy that she’s home safe now!

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