Meet the dog whose best friend is a horse and he can't stop kissing her

Meet the dog whose best friend is a horse and he can’t stop kissing her

When Orion was just an 8-week-old puppy he was introduced to the horses that lived in the stables near his home.

As he wandered around a horse called Destiny stuck her long neck out as far as she could reach to say hello and Orion responded by standing on his hind legs to give her kisses.

Now the two are inseparable and their owner says they wouldn’t be happy without each other.

“Destiny was sticking out her head, trying to make her neck as long as possible, because she wanted to say hi to him,” their Swedish farrier owner Rebecca Gulholm told The Dodo.

“When he eventually found her, he was standing on his hind legs and trying to kiss her. And from that day they’ve always been like crazy about each other,” she said.

She says the two are more like brother and sister and is convinced that Destiny thinks she’s a horse as she loves to play with all of Orion’s dog toys.

“Orion usually runs back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, just trying to get her to run with him. They can run in the pasture, like, for hours,” she added.

The two are very mischievous and Orion has been known to let Destiny out of her stable so she can get more food.

Rebecca said when Destiny had a nasty cut on her leg and was in pain Orion stayed with her keeping her company and comforting her until she recovered.

“They are both very very playful, curious and intelligent,” added Rebecca.

Find out more about these two wonderful creatures in the clip below. The moment when Destiny sees her fellow friend coming toward her and does a sprint so she can say hello is possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

These two are the most adorable couple and clearly make each other very happy. I hope they live a long and mischievous life together. We all need friendships like this!

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