Man takes in 300 homeless animals to protect them from Hurricane Delta

Man takes in 300 homeless animals to protect them from Hurricane Delta

Hurricanes are serious, often dangerous situations that people have to prepare for. Some people at risk seek shelter from the path of destruction.

But what about animals? There are many stray cats and dogs on the street with nowhere to go and no one looking out for their safety.

Luckily, in times of crisis there are kind people willing to step up and protect these homeless animals, giving them food and shelter.

And as Hurricane Delta recently struck down in Mexico, one man opened his heart and his home to a whopping 300 animals!

Facebook/Ricardo Pimentel Cordero

Ricardo Pimentel Cordero, from Cancun, Mexico, is the founder of an animal sanctuary called Tierra de Animales.

He’s dedicated his life to helping animals, but his mission took on a whole new level recently as the Category 2 hurricane threatened the area.

Ricardo did the normal preparations and precautions anyone takes during a hurricane: he trimmed his trees and stocked up on essential items. But what’s extraordinary is that he also took in 300 animals, including dogs, cats, and farm animals.

Facebook/Ricardo Pimentel Cordero
Facebook/Ricardo Pimentel Cordero

While that might sound chaotic, Ricardo says that the animals are getting along, and that he was happy to help them out in this time of need.

Hurricane Delta is not believed to have caused any casualties in Mexico, but it did cause severe rainfall and flooding. It’s easy to imagine how a street dog or cat might’ve perished out on their own. Ricardo was widely praised as a hero online.

Still, he couldn’t do it all alone. The ambitious undertaking would require tons of food and pet supplies, and he feared the hurricane would cause stores to close leaving him short.

He called on followers to donate food for the cause.

“If I lived alone or nothing else with about 10 or 20 dogs, I would not worry much, but here are hundreds of animals and we can not afford to not have enough food stored,” he wrote on Facebook.

“When it’s all over, we’re going to need a lot of help, please if it’s within your means, donate.”

Facebook/Ricardo Pimentel Cordero

In addition, he also encouraged people to rescue animals themselves. These 300 dogs and cats will need homes when the storm is over, and others need their own protection if somebody the space for them.

“Stay safe, local friends!” Ricardo wrote. “Take in a street dog/cat or several to keep them safe too!”

Thank you to this kind man for taking in all these animals and keeping them safe from the hurricane!

We hope they are all doing okay in the aftermath of the storm. You can follow Ricardo on Facebook for more updates on these animals.

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