Man shoots his neighbor’s dog for barking too much

It never ceases to shock us how cruel people can be to dogs, like one sick man who nearly killed the dog next door just for barking too loud.

Lazer is a 7-year-old German Shepherd who lives with his owners in Spalding County, Georgia. He’s described as a spirited dog who loves to paly fetch with his friends.

But not everyone was a fan of the dog: the owners’ neighbor, 41-year-old Allen Glover, had a big problem with the dog’s barking.


Glover, as he later told police, thought the dog’s barking was “messing with his head.” He claims to have complained to the family but “nothing was done.”

So instead, he took a shocking next step to get back at the dog. On May 9, he drove up to their property and shot Lazer twice through their fence.

“He was shot in the mouth and his chest and still has bullet fragments inside him,” owner Libby Shepard told FOX 5 Atlanta.

Glover reportedly said “that should keep you quiet for a while” after firing the shots.


It turns out this was just the latest illegal activity from Glover. According to FOX 5, he was already in trouble in neighboring Fayette County after being charged with “harassing phone calls and making terroristic threats.”

He was out on bond awaiting trial, but because of the animal cruelty case the Chief Assistant District Attorney for Fayette County asked that his bond be revoked, which would send him back to jail.

Spalding County Sheriff’s Office

The good news is that Lazer survived the shooting, and is making a recovery.

His vet bills came to about $7,000, but the cost was offset by a GoFundMe page set up to help his recovery. Bullet fragments were still lodged in his chest and abdominal cavity.

While he still has a road ahead of him, Lazer has been recovering in good spirits.

“Lazer is finally getting back to normal, running, playing, and inviting his friends to join him in fetch again,” his owners wrote on his GoFundMe page, in the most recent update from July.

“Lazer is still not ready for his next surgery, but definitely got his spirit back.”

It’s terrible to think someone would shoot a dog just for barking too much, but we’re glad justice has been served and this dog is recovering well. Share this story!