Man sees his missing dog on Facebook, has emotional reunion after 200 days apart

Man sees his missing dog on Facebook, has emotional reunion after 200 days apart

It’s always heartbreaking when a dog goes missing. You search everywhere, wondering if you’ll ever see your best friend again.

After a few months without success, you inevitably give up hope. But sometimes, miracles happen and your pet comes back into your life.

That was the case for one man and his dog, who were separated for 200 days but reunited in a heartwarming moment neither ever expected.

In April, Washington County Animal Shelter picked up a stray dog, a pit bull mix who had been found in someone’s house. They took the dog in and named him “Bones.”

“He was a happy-go-lucky dog,” Tammy Davis, the shelter’s executive director, told The Dodo. “He was a little shy at first, and he wasn’t very fond of all the other dogs being around him, but he was extremely affectionate to people and very loving to the staff.”

Despite the dog’s friendly nature, the staff had a hard time finding him a home, in part because they had fewer visitors due to COVID-19.

So, they put up a video of Bones playing fetch, hoping it would attract potential adopters.

And soon, they got a comment they never expected. They did indeed find someone interested in taking the dog home — the dog’s actual owner!

“That’s my boy,” Pat Livesay wrote in a comment under the video. “His name is Blue! Been missing since late March!”

It was a stunning twist. They shelter confirmed that the man really was Blue’s owner, and he was eager to reunite with his long-lost friend.

Since the dog went missing, the owner had relocated from Tennessee to Texas for work. He had to drive over 1,200 miles to get Blue back.

But it was well worth it for the emotional reunion they shared:

“It was very obvious that the dog had a bond with that person,” Davis said.

“Blue was shocked for a split second, like, ‘Am I believing my eyes?’ And then it was just immediate kisses and the man was crying, it was great.”

Blue is now back in Texas with his owner, a miraculous reunion that no one ever thought possible.

“We wish that every animal could have a happy ending like that,” Davis told The Dodo.

“It makes all of our hard work worth it to be able to have moments like this.”

What a beautiful moment! It’s a reminder to never give up hope because miracles can always happen.

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