Man fights off an alligator to save his dog’s life

Many animal lovers would do anything for their pets, even if it means putting themselves in danger.

That was the case for one man, who faced danger and risked his own life all to save his beloved dog.

Trent Tweddale lives on a farm in Wesley Chapel, Florida with his dog, Loki. But last week, they got an unexpected visit from another animal: an alligator.

Trent says that Loki was wading his paws in the river, which had been swelled by rain, according to WFLA. Suddenly, the gator attacked the dog.


Trent immediately jumped to his dog’s defense, fighting off the alligator to save Loki.

Alligators can be very dangerous, so it’s safe to say Trent was putting himself at real risk of harm. But luckily, he made it out with only minor scratches.

Loki was injured, however: his front leg was nearly severed and had to undergo emergency surgery.

“When I pulled him back up, the bones were out and it looks like the arm was just hanging by a shred,” Trent told WFLA.


But luckily, Loki pulled through, and doctors worked to restore use of his legs.

“They put metal plates and screws in and were able to reconstruct it that way,” Trent said. “We’re hoping that he can regain full use of his paws after this.”

Trent is currently trying to remove the gator from his property to avoid a rematch, but for now he’s just glad his best friend is okay.

“We love our dog a lot and I’d fight tooth and nail for him,” he said.


What a hero! Thank you to Trent for rescuing this poor dog. Share this inspiring story!