Man drives 1,900 miles to reunite with dog he had to give up five years ago

It’s always heartbreaking to have go give up a dog, but sometimes life circumstances make it impossible to fully care for your pets and you have to surrender them.

But one man got a second chance to reunite with his dog, five years after surrendering him to the shelter.

The dog is a Lab named Silver, who got his name after being found as a stray puppy in Silver City, New Mexico, according to a post from Friends of Anne Arundel County Animal Care & Control, Inc.

Facebook/Friends of Anne Arundel County Animal Care & Control, Inc.

He was raised by a family, but sadly by 2016 the family had hit hard financial times. Silver, who had a habit of running away from home, was picked up as a stray by Albuquerque Animal Welfare, and realizing they could no longer care for him, the owners decided not to reclaim him, surrendering him to the shelter for rehoming.

“Sometimes circumstances make it impossible for an owner to reclaim a dog,” Friends of Anne Arundel County wrote.

Silver was adopted into a new family after being transferred to another shelter in Washington, D.C. — but five years later, Silver and his former owner got a fateful “do-over.”

Last September, Anne Arundel County Animal Care & Control’s kennel supervisor found Silver as a stray in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

It’s not clear what happened with Silver’s second family or how he ended up back on the streets, but his microchip was still registered to his original owner even after all these years.

So, the kennel supervisor called the man and asked if he wanted his dog back. Five years later, he was clearly in a better financial position, and eagerly said yes.

The family had to drive 1,900 from Albuquerque to the shelter in Millersville, Maryland — but it was worth it to get their dog back after all this time, a second chance to make things right.

“Regrets? We’ve all had a few. But when life offered this man a do-over, he seized it,” Friends of Anne Arundel County wrote on Facebook.

A video shows the family’s happy reunion with their long-lost pet.

“Ready to go home, finally, again?” the man asks as he plays with Silver. “We’re finally seeing each other again.”

Life works in mysterious ways, and we’re glad that everything worked out for Silver and his long-lost family in the end. It was clearly meant to be.

Everyone now hopes that, after many ups and downs throughout his life, Silver has finally found a happy ending.

“Have a great life, Silver — and please, please stay home,” Friends of Anne Arundel County wrote.

We’re so glad Silver is back home after all these years, and hope nothing ever tears this family apart ever again.

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