Man caught on camera abusing dog – owner calls for tougher sentence

Mom catches daughter’s boyfriend beating her dog with broomstick in mirror’s reflection

It’s a shocking and distressing video to watch, a man continuously beating a dog with a broomstick while it yelps in pain.

This shocking footage was seen by the dog’s owner Sandy Raymer on her home video surveillance and identified the abuser as her daughter’s boyfriend.

Visibly upset and shaken by discovering what was happening to her precious pooch Echo while she was out of the house, she called for harsher penalties for animal abusers.

Mom Livid After Home Surveillance Records Daughter's Boyfriend ...

The footage is tough to watch but shows 20-year-old Adam Callaghan abusing Sandy’s dog in their Alabama home.

It appears Adam is alone with Echo, corners him in a room and beats him with a stick. The dog can be heard yelping in pain.

Mom Livid After Home Surveillance Records Daughter's Boyfriend ...

Sandy Raymer identified her dog’s abuser as her daughter’s boyfriend adding: “It’s not right. It’s not fair.

“This video shows my dog helpless laying there while this individual hurt him over and over again,” said an emotional Sandy.

Callaghan was arrested by police and charged with animal abuse.

But Sandy feels what Callaghan has been charged with isn’t enough.

Echo the Dog with bloody wounds. The dog was viciously pummeled by a family member's boyfriend with what appeared to be a broomstick.

“I am begging that people use your voice for them (animals) because they can’t. This has to change. What’s on this video is not a misdemeanor offense,” she said.

Sandy is worried similar abuse has occurred in the past.

Animal rights organization PETA also backed Sandy’s calls and wrote about the case on their website saying the examining veterinarian reportedly found multiple injuries believed consistent with systemic abuse. 

Callaghan is due to appear in court at a later date.

Some readers may find the below footage upsetting.

It’s so upsetting seeing this dog suffer at the hands of such an abusive individual; whatever possesses humans to treat animals this way is beyond me, but they need to be stopped.

Animal abusers need tougher sentences, please share if you agree.