Man buried under snow takes amazing video of mountain rescue dog saving him

It’s many people’s biggest fear to be buried alive, but it’s a real danger for people in snowy mountainous areas, who can be completely buried in snow by sudden avalanches.

It’s a terrifying situation to find yourself in—but if you’re lucky, you’ll eventually see the cutest face there to rescue you.

That’s because dogs are trained to track down people missing in the wild, including digging out people trapped in the snow. And one video shows just what it looks like when these good dogs save the day.

Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England is one program preparing these dogs for life-saving work. They undergo 2-3 years of training, which involves human volunteers, called “dogbodies,” to hide in the wilderness for the dogs to practice finding them.

One volunteer was buried alive under snow… and took a camera with him to shoot a point-of-view video of his rescue.

“Ever wondered what it would be like to be buried in snow and be found by one of our happy search and rescue dogs?” Mountain Rescue wrote on Twitter.

The man is deep under feet of snow when a dog named Flo finds him and begins digging him out:


Watch the video below:

The video went viral with over a million views on Twitter. The group called the four-year-old Flo a “brilliant search dog.”

People quickly fell in love with the dog, praising her life-saving skills as well as her cuteness, with many joking they wouldn’t mind getting buried just to meet her.

What a smart dog! We’re sure she will save a lot of lives!

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