Man breaks down after police reunite him with his lost emotional support dog

Man breaks down after police reunite him with his lost emotional support dog

It’s always heartbreaking when a pet goes missing, especially when they provided emotional support for their owners.

For three days, one man was left broken after his beloved service dog disappeared — but had a beautiful reunion after the dog was finally found safe.

Last month a man named Gary, from Watsonville, California, realized his Doberman Pinscher, Arrow, was gone. Gary was devastated, as the dog was not just his pet but his emotional support companion.


The Watsonville Police Department investigated the case. According to the police department, they initially had “no luck” searching for the dog.

But three days after Arrow went missing, they showed up at Gary’s door with a very welcome surprise: they found Arrow!

Gary was overwhelmed with joy at seeing his lost dog again: “Oh my god!” he says. “Arrow, where have you been? My buddy, where have you been?”


“I had a dream last night that you guys found him,” he tells Officer Angel Hernandez, who delivered the dog home.

The officers found arrow after identifying a woman “who had found Arrow and taken him home,” the police write.

All their searching paid off in the end, seeing the overjoyed pet owner tearfully reunite with his lost dog.


“There was nothing but tears of joy when Officer Angel Hernandez reunited Gary with his best friend,” the Watsonville Police Department wrote.

Watch the video below:

We’re so glad Gary was reunited with Arrow. It’s clear they truly love each other. It’s a reminder of the real loving bonds between humans and animals.

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