Man avoids jail after cable tying German Shepherd’s mouth shut

Nothing quite upsets or disturbs me more than people who feel they have a right to hurt animals.

To betray the trust of a pet, to spurn its loyalty and love by doing harm to it is despicable, not to mention cowardly.

Which is perhaps why people have reacted furiously to the fact a man in Australia avoided jail time despite being convicted of endangering the life of a German Shepherd.

Credit: RSPCA South Australia

According to reports, the 48-year-old tied his dog’s mouth shut with a cable tie. He was charged under the Animal Welfare Act, but walked away a free man.

It’s said neighbors called police when they saw 11-month-old German Shepherd Chloe acting strangely in her backyard.

Credit: RSPCA South Australia

Said neighbor eventually jumped over the face when they realized Chloe wasn’t breathing properly, cutting the cable tie and freeing her mouth.

RSPCA South Australia’s Chief Veterinarian Dr Brad Ward said that Chloe could easily have died from heat exhaustion.

“Panting is the main way in which dogs cool their bodies, because unlike us they do not have an effective system of sweat glands,” Ward explained.

“If you prevent a dog from cooling its body in this way, you put it at extreme risk of overheating, particularly in warm weather.

“Dogs must be able to cool themselves through their mouths, not to mention be able to drink and eat with ease.”

Credit: RSPCA South Australia

Channel 7 reports Chloe had the cable tie around her mouth for four hours before she was rescued, though her owner’s lawyers tried to argue in court that he’d simply forgot to take it off after tying it around the dog’s muzzle.

The man has been banned from owning animals for two years, but escaped with a good behavior bond and an order to pay $1,600 in veterinary and legal costs.

It boils my blood to think that people can get away with a slap on the wrist for intentionally causing such pain and distress to animals.

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