Man arrested for dumping Nanook the husky on the side of the road, charged with animal cruelty

Man arrested for dumping Nanook the husky on the side of the road, charged with animal cruelty

Last week we reported on Nanook, the husky dog who was abandoned on the side of the road in a heartbreaking viral video.

Things worked out for the poor dog, however: he’s now found a loving new forever home. And in another positive update to the viral story, a suspect in the case has been arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

A video showed how Nanook, a Siberian husky, was ditched on the side of the road in Horizon City, Texas. A man is seen getting out of the car with the dog, removing his collar and then driving off without him.

In a heartbreaking sight, Nanook chases after the car, not realizing that he’s been intentionally abandoned:

Bystanders from local rescues caught the act on camera, and soon the video went viral nationwide. People were heartbroken and shocked that anyone could leave behind such a sweet dog.

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office began an animal cruelty investigation, encouraging people to come forward with information related to the case.

“These crimes against our voiceless animal victims are taken seriously and we actively seek to hold suspects accountable for these cruel acts,” they wrote.

Days later, they announced that they had made an arrest in the case: according to KVIA, 68-year-old Luis Antonio Campus was arrested and charged with animal cruelty.


Posted by El Paso County Sheriff's Office – EPCSO on Friday, July 23, 2021

He was booked at El Paso County Detention Facility, with a bond set at $5,000. Authorities also said they anticipated making a second arrest in the case soon.

It’s a positive update to the story that will no doubt be cathartic to all the people who were heartbroken by the video. Hopefully justice will be served.

Meanwhile, things are already better for Nanook: soon after being abandoned, he found a new forever family!

“It’s very heartbreaking for this animal who couldn’t understand why they were leaving and chased after the car,” the new family told KTSM. “I saw the video of him being dropped off and when I saw his face, I was like that’s my dog.”

The family arrived with lots of gifts for the dog, including toys, supplies and his own pool and bed. They gave him his new name Nanook after a character from the movie The Lost Boys.

“I think he’s doing us an act of kindness by completing our family, he’s doing this for us more than us for him.”

We’re so glad that Nanook has a new home, and that a suspect has been arrested. We hope justice is served in this heartbreaking case!

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